Friday 31 January 2014


Archiv Hate celebrate 3 years of underground sounds with a
astonishing issue of their free web-zine.

This has art, music, interviews, strange and alien images, a readers poll,
in short, a feast for the eyes and mind.

A highly recommended read.

Get here.

This is what Artus and his team have waiting for you:
Welcome to the III year anniversary issue. Archiv Hate interview magazine episode #08 magazine: Finally readers poll results - we have our TOP'13! Cover art by Edvins Eisimonts. Final part of our history lesson of Latvian underground music scene: “TheMedia”, Events -  by Inese Tone. Completely new thing “PERCHTENMASKEN” by Morgan Gleave. Jason Cantu & Danial Gambler never sleeps, they are music absorbing machines, reviews and comments by these gentleman. Interviews withSamothraceSoundarcade and ADMC07 Artwar. Enjoy!


  1. thanks, Tony, thanks for your support! also thanks to AH crew, these people are amazing. I hope you dig the bands and art. Personally, I would like to see you doing a review on Soundarcade ;)

  2. I will have to check them out - some of the older albums are free on Bandcamp.

  3. exactly, their first one "12 Songs of the Jackalope" is free download, also rest is streaming over the bandcamp: