Tuesday, 14 January 2014

BongCauldron - S/T

"Tree Wizard" starts off this 32 minute ride into the swamps
of sludge with a mossy side order of doom.

BongCauldron have laid down 5 tracks of sonic power and
filth that will be setting the standard for all things heavy this year.

Monstrous low-end rumbles that rotate around riffs that are never
boring get helped along with feedbacky solos that have the power
to fuck you up from 50 paces.

There is a distorted blues influence that gives a groove and bounce
to song passages and among all the pulverising that is going on,
there is plenty of space for you to nod along to.

The sludge sound picks up a pace and enters some hardcore speed
ramming before descending once more into swamplands.

Vocals sound like tramps fighting over their last can of Special Brew -
which as far as I am concerned is a good thing!

Very, very good indeed your honour.

Buy from Super Hot Records from the 13th.


Thanks to Chris & Richard for sending this to me.

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