Tuesday 28 January 2014

Towers - II

Jesus on a piss-stick! Towers are back with their new offering
"II" and it is a masterclass in how a band can/ and should progress
from album to album.

I reviewed "The Fields" in 2011 - read Here but this time around
the sonic duo have really delivered some outstanding tracks and
show what can be done with drum/bass/vocals.

The sludge element is still the driving source but this time around
the songs are infused with ideas and atmospherics that bring a
more doomy and psych feel - combined with a hardcore aggression
that keeps the menace swirling around the tracks.

This is an album that demands to be played in one sitting. You are
carried along in this soundscape from start to finish and as a cohesive
whole blends into an almost epic concept album.

Vocals are screamed, muttered, crooned and chanted with effective
and creepy results. The sound is of course low-end but with many
different effects and playing styles, the middle end of the musical
scales are well catered for. The production is just great - everything
sounds full on without losing clarity or aggression.

Drones and sound effects are used along with quieter passages to bring
the pace and feel down - not to a peaceful interlude though - more like
"walking down an unlit street and hearing nothing apart from
something that appears to be following you".

This is highly recommended.

Buy from Eolian Empire


Thanks to Dave for sending this to me.

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