Monday, 13 May 2013

Sea Bastard - S/T

(Before I start this review, my posts have dwindled somewhat - 
this is due to my spare time being taken up with finishing off
some new music I am making - given the choice between
reviewing some bands music or creating my own, this blog
will always come off second best!)

One of the joys about attending something like Desert Fest is
the chance to see a band that you have no expectations of.

Sea Bastard were one of those bands. Coming on at 1.45pm
at the Underworld, they fucking tore the place down with a display
of power, passion and heaviness that put some of the bigger 
bands on that day to shame.

This was sludge/doom/stoner with a swaggering punk attitude
that made my head move up and down uncontrollably. Like
Sleep or Cough, the riffs drive the music, sometimes evolving
into different passages but always keeping the riff worship at full

Their lastest release has 5 tracks of sonic mayhem, none of
which clock in shorter than 10 minutes. In the hands of some
other bands, this could lead to boredom setting in but these relative
newcomers have the musical chops to keep the atmosphere and immense
heaviness moving along to transport you along into an almost trance-like
state of total involvement with the tracks.

This is hugely recommended - I love it.

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