Friday, 3 May 2013

Koresh - Chump

Koresh play hardcore/noise rock and then stomp over everything
with rage and aggression.

This is wildly ferocious stuff which is played to make your guts 
throb in time to the beats. The vocal howls are buried deep in the 
mix which add to the dark heavy atmosphere created by the 
sonic hurricane of power.

Thick and dense, this pummels your speakers from start to finish. 
This is not for the faint-hearted! When the end of the world comes, this 
will be the soundtrack.

There are flourishes of stoner guitar riffs that flit across your senses
and jerky time changes that ensure that this does not conform to
a musical template. 

This is good shit.

Band Blurb: Listening to Koresh is like being spat on by a tramp, getting kicked in the balls, having your 3 litre bottle of cider taken off you and watching it get thrown at a dog. In the rain. The London five piece make a truly hideous racket; a filth-ridden, booze-drenched thunderstorm of hatred delivered with a shit-eating grin and a firm English middle finger. Channeling the spirit of Iron Monkey after three tabs of acid, Koresh plough through 7 tracks on this new EP 'Chump' and kick up a whirlwind of sludge misery, stoner paranoia, grind chaos and a rock solid hardcore stomp. Bravely captured by John Hannon at No Recording Studio and set for a split release between Witch Hunter and Withered Hand Records, 'Chump' will drag you through piss soaked backstreets by your hair, and you'll be loving every second. 

Recorded by John Hannon at No Recording Studio - October 2nd & 3rd 2012. Front & Rear Artwork by Luke Drozd. Wizard Duck Illustration by Ross Butter. Band photo by Jack Sheen 

A joint release between Withered Hand (Blood Island Raiders, Dead Existence, Pombagira) and Witch Hunter. Limited to 300 copies on a jewel case CD, also available as a pay-what-you-want download through Bandcamp, and the traditional digital outlets such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon
Released 20 May 2013

Get from Witch Hunter Records


Thanks to Chris at Witch Hunter for links.


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