Friday, 17 May 2013

Kvelertak - Meir

Having enjoyed the first Kvelertak album so much, after 
reading some less than positive reviews of the new release "Meir",
I was apprehensive about playing this.

As always, everyone is wrong and I am right. This is a fucking
masterpiece of modern heavy music that has earned the right
to be one of this years best albums.

This mixes hardcore, black metal influences and filthy punk
rock'n'roll to devastating effect. The tracks barrel along, pissing
over the new crop of metalcore bands doing the rounds. You can
hear passion, anger, beer drinking and something that a lot of
people seem to have forgotten about - some decent tunes!

Taking all the intensity that they showed on their last release,
Kvelertak have expanded their sound with a powerful production,
creative song writing and a joy of making a righteous racket!

Hugely recommended.

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