Wednesday 13 October 2021

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster - The World Inside


Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster play post-rock arrangements but with 

the fire and aggression of sludge and post-metal.

                                They mix ambient soundscapes with loops and noise but never

forget to play as loud as they can when they want you to take notice. 

Echoed, picked guitar rings out in desolation, like a corpse

floating down a river before finally falling over a massive 

waterfall that drowns out all other sounds. 

The songs

avoid long drawn out passages, instead the constant ebb and

flow between loud and quiet quickly take the listener along

with mid paced tempos that brings anticipation to the next

part of the composition. 


There is a definite cinematic feel to proceedings which will

be rewarded by playing as a whole, rather than individual tracks.


Slow echoed drums morph into aggressive,

driving beats from which the guitars can surge over the top, giving

plenty of opportunities for feet stomping. 


In an over-saturated genre, it can be hard to make your mark

but these guys pull it off.

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