Monday 18 October 2021

Junkbreed - Music For Cool Kids

 Junkbreed have found the intersection between ugliness and beauty.

The music throbs,  judders and face-melts
with noise rock and post hardcore intelligence and aggression.

The vocals are right up in the mix, giving
an impression of suffocation and trapped anguish that convey the
tension that is evident within the song structures. With a shit
hot rhythm section playing like tightly coiled springs, the
dynamics of the guitar are able to explode with fret-mangling
chords and spastic lead attacks.

Like a three way fuckathon between The Jesus Lizard, The Bad
Seeds and The Gun Club, the resulting offspring is grimy, seedy
and shot through with menace, bourbon and cheap drugs.

Restraint controlled with menace is a hard trick to pull off
but Junkbreed have done just that.

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