Tuesday 3 June 2014

Fucked Up - Glass Boys

Fucked Up are a punk band.

But how do you remain a punk band when you’re on 
magazine covers, or sharing stadium stages with the Foo Fighters?

Those are the questions that Fucked Up asks on “Glass Boys.” 
And they ask those questions in the form of a blazing, titanic, 
ultimately triumphant rock album. 

Their last album, “David Comes To Life” was a double LP 
with a sprawling collection of tracks and ambition. This time around, 
ten tracks manage to convey how others and indeed themselves deal with 
the perception of fame. As always, there is a depth of layers to the 
sonic barrage that will bear repeated listens.

Dense, heavy guitars drive these tracks along with controlled 
feedback and a vortex of sonic savagery but with the melodic 
arrangements turned up to “epic”, you have the paradox that is 
Fucked Up - brutal, searing riffs that have the power to uplift the 
spirit with song passages of tuneful grace and surging 
chorus structures.

“Pink Eyes” still sings like this will be his last chance to 
communicate with the world before his head explodes with his 
passion and commitment. This album will be in my best of the year list. 
Highly recommended.

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