Monday, 16 June 2014

Electric Citizen - Sateen

Electric Citizen are a rock band first and foremost. 

Early Pentagram is evident in some of the song compositions but this 
is over-shadowed by the heavy fuzzed, psych rock action that fuel these 
modern retro rockers.

Laura Dolan sings clear and loud with melodic bite and before 
long, Sabbath meets early Heart springs to mind. With none of
the Occult/Hammer overtones that seem to be the template for a lot
retro '70's bands, Electric Citizen instead have produced an album
full of authentic grooves and quick fire rockers that make me want
to dig out some flares and show the world how real air guitar is 

For a first album, this shows a band with tunnel vision when it comes
to getting their raw sound out to the world. Coming out on July 1st,
this is going to feature heavily in my summer soundtrack.

Play the track below and feel the love.

Get from RidingEasy Records


Thanks to Richard from Sheltered Life for sending this to me.

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