Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Jarboe - Mahakali (2008)

This is one intense album.

Jarboe - earth goddess, ex-Swans, shamen, preacher,
mystic - an all round scary lady.

To listen to this is to descend into the depths of her
brain - thunderous tracks, shrieking vocals going to
a whisper, acoustic guitar, pianos, post-metal and
sludge - think heavy Swans, this is the nearest you
will have to a bad acid trip without actually ingesting

Fuck knows what genre to call this - you might not
like it but there is not much stuff that will sound
like this......... well, there probably is in the doom/
sludge world but I wouldn't really know.


There is a fantastic review of this album and what
it all means + a history of Jarboe at the Re-Gen review

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