Monday 7 June 2010

Be Bop Deluxe - Axe Victim 1974

I brought this album when it came out purely because
of the cover ..... a skull guitar! My 14 year old self was
severely impressed with that.

Luckily the music was good as well. I always played this
along side "Ziggy Stardust". A hybrid of Glam/Rock/Pop,
Bill Nelson could match Mick Ronson riff for riff and his
solo playing was a soaring celebration of effortless, tuneful

The songs could not all match the tracks from Ziggy - in fact
little else would ever come close to the Bowie masterpiece but
the fact remained that Be Bop Deluxe had an album that was
in my mind anyway, almost as good as anything that came out
in '74 but somehow got overlooked.

Oh yeah, my CD version has 3 extra live tracks on it. Listen

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