Thursday 21 January 2021

men of munga - Ballads Of Munga And Men

men of munga have produced a mind bending amalgamation 
of prog rock, metal, jazzy syncopations and swirling melodies 
with a punk attitude.

With the unhinged song composition of the sadly missed These 
Arms Are Snakes and maybe the prog-hardcore leaning of ATDI, 
men of munga explode with an album that crackle with energy, 
excitement and bucket loads of aggression.

Vocals range from the gentle to throaty yet melodic roars that are
gloriously underpinned with sprays of solos that erupt from the manic
riffing. With a drummer and bass player tighter than a sharks' death
grip, the guitars are free to spazz out, rock hard, shimmer and shine
with delicate breaks before launching into another breathless display of
driving, explosive playing.

The tracks have a controlled frenzy about them that display passion as
well as a desire to hurt ear-drums! 

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