Saturday, 19 December 2015

Witchskull - The Vast Electric Dark

Wrote this review for the December Doom Charts and
realised that I not not featured it here. So here it is.

These Aussie rockers have come up with a compelling and 
addictive slice of heavy sounds that just gets better the more 
you play it. NWOBHM rubs shoulders with Motorhead and Trouble 
giving them a template from which they launch blistering 
salvos of hook laden riffs and fist pumping tunes. 

This is rumbling Stoner/Doom with it’s own identity – not just 
another band ripping off some shit from the past and thinking 
that is enough. The album sounds like live jamming or is the fact that a 
power trio has enough space in the music to let the tunes breathe with 
atmosphere and feeling? Whatever the case, you can feel the sweat of the 
players and hum of amps being overloaded. Oh yeah, if that ain’t enough, 
the brain frying solos that overlay the lyrics of misty, murky 
Lovecraftian terrors are sublime.

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