Wednesday 11 November 2015

Bersærk - Mulm

Bersærk take the stoner template and stomp all over it with
a hardcore attitude giving you 9 tracks that start off fast and
furious and that do not stop until the end.

Hailing from Denmark, this has had the same effect on me when 
I first heard Kvelertak - jumping up and down with a stupid grin on 
my face.

This is dirty fucked up rock'n'roll at its best - Bersærk keep
the riffs rolling along at white knuckle speed, economical
solos stop anything getting too overblown or long, besides
they ain't got time for pointless fretboard wanking 'cause
here comes the next song, come on people, fucking jump
on board this express train of stomping rock, Bersærk
want to show you how this sort of thing should be done - 
in a genre that can be very boring in the wrong hands, this
album is a breath of fresh air."