Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Real Cool Time ........ end of transmission.

And so, my faithful download monkeys, it is time for me to depart.

I have had a real cool time and achieved everything I set out to do
but lately it has become a chore thinking about reviews and listening
to prospective new music that has been sent to me. 

With so much great music coming out every day, I just wanna listen
to new shit and groove out to the sounds and jump up and down
and bang my head without thinking about how I will write about it.

I have 2 music collaborations coming and some more Zeppheroin ideas
floating around and want to put my passion into making my own
awesome music instead of commenting on someone else's. 

But dry your tears dear readers, I will still be guiding your musical tastes for
I am joining the wonderful and head banging freek, Joop at Stoner HiVe
as a guest reviewer for the few albums that still inspire me and each month
on BIL I will give a brief rundown on what will make your life better.

Big thanks and kisses to Doug E Dogg and Matthieu WetFox Blog
for helping out with words and reviews for me. Often bewildering,
funny, informative or plain wrong, these dudes added to the rich tapestry of
your reading enjoyment.

A big shout out to my blog brothers:
Joop at Stoner HiVe
Steve at Sludgelord
Artus at Archiv Hate
Lucas at Paranoid Hitsophrenic

Many glasses of strong drinks to be raised to the guys
who started me off with words of encouragement and more
importantly exposed me to music that I would never otherwise of heard:

Joel and Luke - you fucking guys rule!

Most thanks to anyone who read my words of drivel over the years -
I would like to thank each and every one of you but probably
cannot be bothered.


I will leave you with these last words of wisdom:

I am right and you are wrong.


  1. That's a shame man, though a decision I obviously understand, you stuck it out a hell of a lot longer than me. It can be a thankless and time-consuming job this blogging carry on so kudos to you for the effort you put in all this time. Thanks for the shout out, thanks for the Robot(A) promotion and thanks for the tunes man. See you next year for a solid drink and some headbanging.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work, energy and tips over the years; you were always right there screaming and laughing and preaching like the madman you are! Loved it! And I'm honored you've decided to keep producing some of your wisdom on the HiVe... Muchas Gracia por todos! ;)

  3. Will miss your reviews and recommends Tony. All the very best.

  4. http://www.mediafire.com/download/z897c7152532ti1/Bongley_Dead_-_Demo_n.3_(2014).rar