Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rawhide - Murder One

Swedish Punk Death Rock'nRoll awaits the listener who
wants to take a white knuckle ride.

Rawhide play like the devil spawned bastards of Motorhead
and Zeke which, as all regular readers will know, is a very
good thing indeed.

Songs about blood, guts and beer need a suitable soundtrack
and the band deliver in spades. Punk riffs played with chainsaw
distortion give a solid platform for sleazy solos to machine gun
out of your speakers.

Growled vocals are spat out - and guess what - bonus points
are awarded for a band that actually know what a tune is -

This is infectious stuff - you may feel as if you are crawling
in the sewer after playing this but being dirty will never seem
so much fun.

Buy from Patac Records


Thanks to Liz at Earsplit for sending this to me.

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