Friday 15 November 2013

BAD SAM - Working Class Holocaust

BAD SAM - Working Class Holocaust 2013
13 tracks 32:27mins.....
From their Facebook page they charmingly describe themselves as "FIVE OLD FUCKS SCREAMING AND YELLING, PLAYING SHIT WITH LEFT WING SOCIAL AND PERSONAL SHIT" !!

Frantic hardcore punk with a variety of great catchy songs.  A lot of  UK hardcore stuff I've heard has left me cold (i.e Discharge, Exploited etc) but the variety of excellently produced material on offer here made me play it again and again.....You bastards ...I can't get some of your choruses out of my head !! Also raising this above the competition are the intelligible vocals of Beddis which at times have a most pleasing Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy's) ring to them. 

The band also clearly has a broad and well developed sense of humour as can be seen in the attached video for the track "Bastard Son Of A Teddy Boy".

The guitars and bass are excellent throughout, producing many satisfying heavy chugging moments before going off again at 100mph...with it all being backed up by the relentless assault of his drums by Kip-Xool. 

As at the time of posting this article we're advised that this vinyl only album should be available in around 3 weeks time. There is a limited run of 300 in red wax.

For enquiries and orders please contact Beddis at


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