Monday, 25 November 2013

Beastmilk - Climax

Beastmilk play atmospheric post-punk and
use driving drums to propel the songs along.

The band have stripped the sound down to the bare
bones, using keyboards and sparse guitars but combined
with the groaned vocals and  throbbing bass, give a real sense of 
desolation that match the apocalyptic lyrics.

Joy Division are the obvious comparison when hearing
the songs but where in most cases, this would have me muttering
'ripp-off" in disgust, Beastmilk take the template and use the 
melodic passages to build long epic songs that have a gleeful, 
powerful feel to them.

Tension is evident in these songs, building but never getting
released too early, making the listener very aware that each track
has its own momentum and force. This album has passion, power
and needs to get a hearing.

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Thanks to Nathan at Svart Records for sending this to me.

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