Monday, 25 June 2012

Uncle Touchy - Everything You Wanted To Know About Violence (2012)

Uncle Touchy write on their band blog that "We're not pretty
boys with swept over emo bangs who sweep pick over
breakdowns. We just want to make your stomach turn"

It is certainly a statement of intent but this album does not make
me sick but makes me want to jump up and down a lot.

They have nailed down the AmRep sound, classy songs
overlaid with a brutal approach with riffs that get under your skin.
Hardcore/noise music attacks your head but unlike so many bands,
there are actual tunes which put these tracks into Jesus Lizard and
The Melvins territory.

Justin Lewis and Chris Moree were spectacular in their previous
incantation of Milquelizard but with Uncle Touchy have created
a vicious beast that wants to kick you in the teeth and make your
ears bleed.

This is going straight to into my albums of the year collection!

Highly recommended.

Because they are good guys - pay what you want at Bandcamp


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