Friday, 22 June 2012

Milquelizard - Disgust-O-Rama (2008)

With titles like "The Sensual, Yet Forbidden Pleasure of the
Ladyboys of Thailand", it's a pretty fair guess that Milquelizard
were not aiming for commercial success!

Mixing Black Sabbath type riffs with punk beats that morph
into hardcore rants, the music changes several times within
each song, giving a schizo feel to proceedings.

The mood is always heavy though, helped in no end by the
punchy production which is top-notch.

The vocals go from croons to shouts to screams and are a perfect
compliment to the distorted and frenzied guitar playing.

If you never caught them the 1st time around and fancy something
that sounds pretty much like one of The Melvins album with Jello
Biafra on vocals, give this a listen.

Because they are good guys, there is a free download on Bandcamp

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