Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cream - Blues Addict (1967)

Recorded live at the Grande Ballroom, Detroit on
Oct 15th 1967, this captures the band raw and sweaty
at their best, giving the psychedelic blues sound a
new and rockier workout.

I have always felt that in the studio, Cream came across
as too polished and in some cases, almost tame but on
this album - full of the classic tracks you would want to
hear - the legend of the band becomes fully justified.

I should post more of this stuff more often than I do but
would recommend Trippy Jam for the blog to visit if you
need more.

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  1. I always wondered what was the mistery of jam battle between Clapton and Hendrix but when I heard this live album I understood: best jammer of that time was so amazed by Jimi genuisly guitar playing that ashamed and speechless left that scene. thanks for mentioning my blog btw :)