Thursday, 2 June 2011

Narrows - New Distances (2009)

With a collection of seasoned performers including
members of Botch and These Arms Are Snakes,
you just knew this was going to be an album of
rumbling bass, tight intricate drumming, bile filled
vocals and weaving, savage guitar.

Touching on post-punk and early hardcore, Narrows
have created a juggernaut of an album.

Full of chaotic aggression, they also know when to
let the tunes breathe as moments of calmness appear
before the sonic assault starts afresh.

This went into my top 10 albums of 2009.


  1. I saw them just a week ago, and It was totally a crazy show. Strength and attitude on the stage (and out of it).

  2. Ramon, I am so jealous of you. I tried to get tickets for the London show last month but failed to get any. It sounds like a mad time was had.