Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Black Tusk - Pillars Of Ash

Black Tusk are back after the tragic events of 2014 and 
have returned to play some heavy based sludge punk with 
some elements of metal thrown in to make sure you are not 
getting too comfortable.

The tracks are primitive monsters, light on solos but fucking heavy
on the riffs. If early Discharge covering High On Fire
floats ya boat, keep on reading this.

The sonic production is awesome - thick, aggressive and full of
low-end battering to shake your pretty little eardrums to bits.
Fuzzed guitars have the distortion dial on 11 but never so far 
up in the mix that the bass and drums get lost.

With song titles like "Born Of Strife" and "Bleed On Your 
Knees", you need a vocalist who sounds like a rabid dingo
tearing at the corpse of clean singing while drinking moonshine
 lager mixed with the dregs of a hundred used bongs - and guess
what - they have!

Black Tusk are back and stronger than ever. 

This is the good stuff - get it now.

Thanks to Relapse Records for promo copy.

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