Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tight To The Nail - Spring Sampler

The excellent blog Tight To The Nail have produced a sampler
full of nasty noises and frantic fury! No Means No, Coilguns,
Japanese Women, Ruined Familes and more are all available
for free download - Here

Blog Blurb - "I am super stoked, proud, joyous, relieved and stressed to announce that the first in an ongoing series of free, seasonal Tight To The Nail digital samplers is now available. 26 tracks of some the biggest mosh, nastiest riffs, worrying screams and weirdest shit that has passed through this website and my ear drums over the last few weeks and the upcoming month. Some tracks are new and exclusive, some you'll have already banged your head to. Some bands you'll know already, some you probably won't. But that's the point.

So spread the word, tell a mate, post it on your Facespace, your Tumblr, tell your nan and discover something new. It's free, so download it now!"

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