Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Braille - Four Adult Males

Band request from Philedelphia.

Braille are Dustin and Andrew from those heavy bastards 
Bubonic Bear, Sean from Ape! and John from Pleasure Island.

Influenced by a lot of 90's noise rock stuff and dischord records,
this is all angular rhythms and riffs, the vocalist yelping and shouting
like a David Yow sound-a-like trying to emulate the manic style 
of the guy from Crystal Antlers.

The lyrics sit wonderfully over the top of the harsh melodies 
and feedback that are interwoven in with technical stop starts - 
think the Ladder Devils with Shellac song arrangements.

The powerful guitar barrage has a fantastic thick aggressive sound 
but never descends into your standard hardcore sameness.

Come on you lazy gits, give me an albums worth of material!

This is great stuff - highly recommended.

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