Monday, 27 February 2012

Michael Davis - RIP

Just found out Michael Davis - bass player from the MC5, passed
away from cancer on 19th Feb.

Play this clip very loud.


  1. I have a policy towards elder bands: not everything that happened before I was born is untouchable and amazing and life changing, and any influence one person feels should translate because they actually enjoy it instead of just accepting it at face value or because some taste-maker on the internet told them so.

    That said, the MC5 were a total kick in the ass when I first found out about them way back in high school. The thunder and fury that only Rock n Roll is capable of delivering had shown itself to me, as I stood there dumbfounded and in awe of this band, nay, more than a band, a force of nature! Now and forever will 'KICK OUT THE JAMS' remain my battle cry. R.I.P.

  2. There does seem to be an element of shock whenever I question "classic" landmark releases from the past. When The Clash put out London Calling, no matter how it enabled them to break out from the straight jacket of being a punk band, compared to the live shows and previous albums, it seemed soft and vapid and only liked by people who were not into the band before. (Only my opinion of course).

    In the same vein, I first stumbled across the MC5 after hearing the Damned play "Looking At You". I almost got into a fight by daring to say that I thought "Back In The USA" was weak ....... How dare I diss the Boys!

    But they went beyond just the music and as you say, were a force of nature.