Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Millions - Gather Scatter

Released in 2009, this is now available for free
download via Seventh Rule Recordings bandcamp
site - ideal chance for anyone who missed this the
first time around.

With a nod towards Noise Rock, this is Hardcore
with lots of riffs and time changes.

Strong vocals are on show here but with restraint
when needed.

Math-like guitar riffs are used sparingly but to great
effect, the variations and song dynamics never lose
sight of producing aggressive tunes that groove and
deliver a punch.

The twin guitar sound is distorted and weave together
a complex but still brutal riffage - "Millions" have quoted
their sound as "Black Flag" meet "King Crimson"!

If that sounds just too weird, would you settle for
post-hardcore with a ATDI influence?

Free download from Bandcamp

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