Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Doubledgescissor Record Label

The last post featured Cutthroat Convention which had
their album released on Doubledgescissor - looking at
their site, there is shit loads of weird and heavy stuff
on their roster.

All are available for free download and well worth
checking out for a taste of something different - but hey,
here is some more info from one of its founders, Damian.

Doubledgescissor >8< is a promoter/net label/blog, started by 2 members of Cutthroat Convention - Damian & Leon.
Doubledgescissor exists to release music we like & put on gigs with line-ups of interesting music we want to see, that is the main crux of operation.
All music we release is available to download free from our site & plastic discs available free at our nights.

We are not into one direction of music, we like many genres/non genres, we sometimes put on nights of variation - metal/afrobeat/noise/maths rock, or night of total electronica.........nothing is out of bounds.

We have released music by Cutthroat Convention, LowTRAMON - maths/jazz/noise rock, PsychicEyeClix - dubstep/circuit bent/electronica, Efemer - piano doom/goth/electronica, XwillfiX - metal/noise/electronica.

The next releases are on the cards for early next year - the 1st full album by Cutthroat Convention & PsychicEyeClix 3rd album of dubstep & bent circuits......

Our next Doubledgescissor night is on sat 12th nov at the Urban Bar, 176 Whitechapel rd.
Line-up - Archives - noise/electronica, PsychicEyeClix, Tecla - soundscapes/shamanism, Kayaka - noise/experimental, DJ Spudboy - dabke/UK bassline/afrobeat.

Night after that is december 3rd at the Urban bar.
line-up - One man team dance - circuit bent/disco, Cutthroat Convention, Ladyscraper - breakbeats/noise/electronica.

Linkage -
Label - www.doubledgescissor.co.cc
Blog - www.doubledgescissorblog.co.cc
FB - http://facebook.com/doubledgescissor

I think thats about the jist of what we're about!

Give these guys your support and check them out.

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