Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Beerwolf - Oracle's Prophecy

I like fuzz. I like it on my breakfast, I like it in my drinks.
Hell, I like fuzz in my pants and in my head. Do I love fuzz
more than my family? Hard to say. But fuzz has never made
me get up at 3.00am because it heard a sound downstairs
or announced on Sunday evening that a school project
needs to be finished - you decide.

Needless to say, Beerwolf like a lot of fuzz.
Fusing all that is great about dirty stoner rock'n'roll, they
 sound like the satan-spawned bastard offspring between 
Fu Manchu,  The Shrine and early Damned - 
which is to say fucking brilliant.

This is punk blues powered by high octane riffs that are cranked
out with scant disregard for niceties, urged on by a cleanish
vocal style that has a passionate and urgent rasp to it.

Precision, scalpel sharp solos are strewn over the songs in
all the right places, giving you a collection of tunes that demand
to be played again and again. 

And for a bonus in this day and age of heavier than thou, 
someone has remembered to write tracks with decent hook-lines
that make the whole album scream by in a satisfying blur of
foot-stomping thuggery.


And because they are good guys, it is pay what you want on Bandcamp

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