Monday, 7 July 2014

Fu Manchu- Gigantoid

Up here on the top floor of Maim Towers, I look out over you,
the little people and decide which words of wisdom to type
in the hope that my music choices can bring some hope into
the lives you lead.

I do get a lot of shit send that I have to sift through and within
quite a short while, I can tell if I like it enough to review.

But Stoner music is quite hard to rate. Just the very basic set up,
the sound, the tunes etc mean that even an average band will have
moments of toe tapping and head nodding.

So when an album like "Gigantoid" drops on my earphones,
all of a sudden, the dross is blown away and the sheer
excellence of this offering is plain to see.

I will not give you a track by track review - I will get
straight to the question you need to know:

Is it any good?

Yeah, it's fucking great. 

Groove-ridden monster riffs, screaming solos, heavy backing,
punk mixed with classic rock, stoner desert blues - this is a return
to former glories without a doubt. My heart has been lifted and my
soul cleansed - much jumping up and down with added nodding power.

This is the good shit.

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