Thursday, 1 May 2014


Awesome awesome awesome Doom of the very highest order....exactly how I like it ....great all round sound...perfect vocals...great guitars and riffs...oh yum yum yum !

I suppose I always mentally compare any new Doom that I get to hear to Electric Wizard's "Dopethrone", which in my humble opinion will never be surpassed for its sheer unrelenting heaviness. "Soma " gave me the same feel......nice head nodding tempo.....the vocals with an otherworldly edge to them, cleverly placed in the mix to merge with the overall big dense sound that bludgeons its way from your speakers . That said, there is actually an acoustic track, which to the bands huge credit, easily maintains the atmosphere of it all. 

Tony reviewed this on its release last year but having just heard it for the first time, and enjoyed it to such an extent, I thought I had to remind you all of its existence and the urgent need to check it out.

Words by DOUG E DOGG

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