Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Salem's Pot - ...Lurar ut dig på prärien

Using fuzzed out slow motion riffs, Salem's Lot begin their
assault on 2014 with a treacle thick sound that swirls into
the atmosphere with feedback, sound effects and tunes that
were birthed in a swamp somewhere.

With the shortest song clocking in at just over 9 minutes, Salem's
Pot use the track lengths to fully explore the dark/seedier side of
60's/70's psych with lashing of stoner rock that are laid upon a
doom foundation and served up with extra creepiness.

This experience is not about being cowered into submission with
aggression or decibels but is more concerned with tones, colour,
a human touch or emotions. Vocals are a prayer that are offered
up in the vain chance that the dread and despair in life are eased
but from the wails and croons, you can know there will be no
help offered.

Fuzz drenches everything with it's sonic embrace, making these
distorted jams epic anthems which are dedicated to the higher
beings who dwell in the Church of Riffs.

These voodoo sex mantras have huge outbursts of slow, thick-
toned solos running through them with hex like properties making it
impossible not to nod out to them.

Take a dark, slow, sleazy trip into the minds of Salem's Pot -
but beware - this cult will be very hard to escape from - and
would you want to?

Love the cover as well - me want huge poster of it!


Thanks to Richard for sending this to me.

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