Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Jack and the bearded fishermen - Minor Noise

Jack and the bearded fishermen bring a dirty amalgamation of 
order and chaos - mixing elements of punk, noise and
sludge rock to form compositions that build on their
collective influences, creating a markedly unique sound.

Punk rock goes angular and angry, the album “Minor Noise”
 judders through 10 tracks of discordant, rhythmic and punishing 
slabs of excellence. The vocals are yelped but tuneful and counter-balance
the complex guitar lines but before it all begins to sound like random,
chaotic  bursts of nonsense, you realise that they are also rocking
like bastards!

Taking the feel of the Jesus Lizard and the glorious feeling
of what-the-fuck! song arrangements of These Arms Are Snakes,
the album also has the added bonus of sounding like it was
produced by Steve Albini.

The tracks have real solidity to them - no wasted time or filler
to the song structures - tension builds nicely as the urgent riffs
hammer down. 

This is the good stuff.

Thanks to the band for sending this to me.

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