Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Passengers Of Rapture - Cittàgazze ep

Oh man, I have never heard of these guys before but with
a blast of aggression and a raw as fuck stoner template,
I am hooked!

Passengers Of Rapture have produced an EP that blasts along like
a shotgun to the head. This is dirty punk rock’n’roll with a metallish edge
that takes no prisoners. Fast Motorhead type riffs propel the songs
along which have hook ridden chorus breaks, angry but tuneful vocals
and heavy-as-fuck attitude.

With killer solos that hurtle along but have a sweet, sweet tone to
them that make me want to punch walls, this is the good shit.

5  tracks ain’t much to sum up a band but when the world ends and
I am riding my open-topped convertible through a nuclear ravaged 
landscape, wearing clothes made from skinned dogs and wielding
a baseball bat with nails in to hunt and kill zombies, this is the
soundtrack I will be playing!

Free download/Name your price at Bandcamp


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