Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Major Kong - Doom Machine

Major Kong are from Poland and "Doom Machine" is
their second album. The title is very apt as this is an album
with huge, doomy riffs and more doomy riffs.

Apart from some samples, these are instrumental tracks........
which a lot of the time gets my heart sinking. There is a lot of
generic Stoner/Earthless clones clogging up my collection and
I am growing weary my friends........

But worry ye not - this is a different beast.

Major Kong do not piss around with quiet atmospherics or calm
passages - this is heavy, fuzzed up guitar playing that wants to
get your head nodding while you drool over classic offerings
from Electric Wizard & Sleep.

In case I have not pleaded their case enough, we are talking
about riffs
more riffs
and huge riffs

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Thanks to the band for sending this to me.