Thursday, 23 January 2014

Moon Coven - Amanita Kingdom

Moon Coven come from Sweden and have gone down a
slightly different path from the usual suspects. Stoner
grooviness is the bedrock to which the meat of the songs
are hung upon but there is a dreamlike quality that stands
them apart.

Vocals seem unhurried and full of wistful longing for promises
unrealised. This gives a real psych feel - not unlike the blissed
out rock moments from earlier Dead Meadow albums.

Don't get me wrong - this still rocks like a bastard but there is an
elegance and restraint shown in the song passages which are not
often realised by a lot of bands.

Good solid riffs drive the tracks along and - this may be of
importance only to me and a handful of other people - when
the solos come in, they are gloriously distorted and fuzzed -
full-on Stooges/MC5 abandonment with no regard for genres
or politeness - garage rock meets stoner/psych!

This is good shit - get your hands on it now.

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Thanks to Tobias for sending this.

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