Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Black Space Riders - D:REI

Strap on your suit, check phasers are set to kill and join
Black Space Riders on an epic quest that will take you
from the white-hot explosion of a nebula exploding, through
to the dying embers of a burnt out black star.

D:REI is a cosmic trip of mind and music expanding themes
set to a stoner-groove of monster proportions.

The main thrust of these songs are unstoppable riffs of power
and beauty which are split into 4 chapters. With such a grand
vision, does the music match up to it?

Oh yeah - this should be the album to project this band of
German starmen to greater heights. Heavy rock and stoner
heaviness are the bedrock from which springs the imaginative
and inventive song passages that take you through this exploration
of sounds, aggression and epic story telling.

Doom, modern psych and hints of grunge all play a part in setting
the scenes of sonic mind/spacescapes.

Guitars are chunky sounding with distorted chords give the riffs
extra bounce and vigour. Vocals are sung, chanted, growled to
make sure the emotion is varied and interesting. There are lulls
of restraint that drift to a dark, tranquil place before revving back up
into interstellar overdrive.

I only got this fucker yesterday and it has not come off my player.
Get your head nodding, trip out and break out the bong - groove
your way into the outer cosmos of rock.

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Many thanks to the band for sending this to me.

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