Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Firelord - Among The Snakes

Firelord are an Italian stoner band who do not
piss around trying to invent the wheel - they want
to turn the amps up, crank out some riffs and stomp
on some distortion pedals.

This is raw stuff, both in production and the playing
which suits the music just fine. Lemmy is the touchstone
for vocals and like the gravel voiced one, among the
hoarse straining you can hear melodics touches which
compliment the songs.

Riffs are basic and powerful and sometimes that is 
all I want. Circular song passages keep the groove
turned up to the max and the foot stomping beat just
keeps rolling along.

The guitar solos are prime electric blues - mean, aggressive
and full of feeling. This is the sort of shit I love.

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