Thursday, 28 November 2013

Whores - Clean

I was going to start off this review by talking about the name
but when the music started, all thoughts went from my mind to
be replaced with ...... 
This is one of the best albums I have heard all year!

Whores play noise rock/post-hardcore - even their own tag
of "fuck rock" does not do justice to the explosion of power,
aggression and raw slabs of sonic destruction that emerge when
the play button is pressed.

Dark rumbling bass which sounds like it is played through a 
distortion pedal or just turned up fucking loud mixes with the 
pounding drums to produce the platform from which the fuzzed up,
 on the edge-of-constant-feedback guitars can riff off. Ah man,
the riffs in the songs are groove ridden monsters that make me want
to break things while laughing like a maniac. Such evil joy and
wanton glee are in the tunes - they lodge deep in your brain and
make other music seem dull and insipid.

Crooning, shouting, yelling - the vocals sound like David Yow
performing under the influence of un-tested drugs, ranting about
self loathing with the world and maybe oneself. 

The entire sound is deep, sludgey but with the uncomplicated
song passages that contains all I love about noise rock. So
much denseness is contained in these 6 tracks that when this
album stops, the silence seems almost deafening.

Highly recommended!

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Thanks to Bob at Brutal Panda Records for sending this to me.


  1. Whores. live at Saint Vitus Bar, November 22 full set!

  2. Shit, pretty powerful stuff, thanks for link.