Friday, 4 October 2013

Great Falls - Accidents Grotesque

Here is some music to set your weekend alight.

Great Falls play fast and hard but with a restraint that 
stops it being utter chaos. Tautly wound and intense, 
the songs deliver with style and atmosphere, the 
guitars judder and snake around the riffs - it’s 
a heavy mix but thankfully, the noise rock sensibilities 
mean that the band know that there is so much more 
than just screaming and playing fast. 

Straddling the void between noise/art/punk/hardcore, these 
songs are full of spastic rhythms, staccato time changes and sprawling 
passages that wind up as aggressive bursts of frustration. 

The rhythm section have the technical chops to pull off 
the dizzying time tempos and staccato song structures that 
make this sort of thing so thrilling but still have a looseness 
that sounds like a band playing on the edge of chaos. 

With a powerful production that really seems to capture a live 
sound, Great Falls are full of aggression and drive, seemingly 
about to collapse into chaotic noise but the riffs and vocals keep 
the song structures going.

Thanks to Hell Comes Home for sending this.

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