Monday, 14 October 2013

Earthless - From The Ages

So, after a wait of six years, Earthless have made a new
album. Such is the power of this band I am temped to
run around, waving my hands in the air screaming
"Earthless are back!!!!!!

But my job in guiding you download monkeys to what is the
finest music to listen to has to be objective and steely eyed.

The facts stand that a lot of bands have sprung up, filling the
void that Earthless left, giving us our fix of psychedelic jams
full of fuzzed out solos, riffs that take you into outer space,
wah-wah pedals overdriven beyond human hearing and a
blissful feeling of freaking out.

I could mention other bands but there is no need as this
is a masterpiece that will make you forget those other bands!

I invite you all in to join me in running around, waving my hands
in the air screaming 

"Earthless are back!!!!!! 
"Earthless are back!!!!!!

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