Monday, 23 September 2013

Domovoyd - Oh Sensibility

Playing music that affects the heart as well as the head,
Domovoyd mix up an alchemists brew of doom/stoner
and heavy psych.
Drones and riffs are cranked out at volume with a healthy
abuse of fuzz boxes. With song passages and atmospheric
interludes that have the cosmic feel that "Space Ritual'
can invoke, when the Sleep type riffs start to explode
and morph into fucked up Spaceman 3 loops of trance
inducing psychosis, you know you are on to a winner.

Layered, distorted vocals are reverb drenched and put
pretty low down in the mix, adding to the sense of strangeness
that runs through the songs. This a is a fully formed statement
of intent from a band that can truly claim to be forging ahead
in the psych doom/stoner world.

This is bong music of the highest order.

Space is deep.

Thanks to Oskar from the band for sending this to me.

Album released on Oct 11th.

Order from Svart Records

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