Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Domadora - Tibetan Monk

Domadora come from France and play an beguiling mix
of stoner/psych and heavy blues. Mostly instrumental, this
album is awash with lengthy jam sessions which just fly
along with guitars soaring into the stratosphere.

The tones are warm but still with pleasing distortion, bringing to
mind various 60's power trios with a nod of the head to Earthless
in the quest for mind-blowing musical trips.

The musicianship on display from all members of the band are on
fire, giving these tracks an effortless feel that gets the head nodding
along nicely.

Tension and dynamics are handled well - there is always a danger
of this sort of thing becoming samey but in the hands of these
guys, it is an organic process which carries you along. 

Recommended to get your freak flag flying!

Thanks to Audren for sending me the album.

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