Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Druid - The Cosmic Serpent

What do you do when you form a filthy Sludge band but the riffs
keep morphing into Doom dirges. And then the guitarists insist on
spraying distorted psych stoner solos over everything? 

Well, you call yourself "Druid" and produce 5 tracks of
brilliant sounding sonic denseness.

For me, this is the perfect mix of doom and sludge with some
outstanding guitar leads to make things have a really drugged out,
trippy but menacing vibe.

Instruments are down-tuned and brimming with enough distortion
to make your teeth start to shatter. Walls of sound are made deeper
by the tribal drumming that drives the songs along. Vocals are not
the tired "cookie monster" grunting but have an almost hardcore
intensity and passion.  

I cannot stop playing this - it has the epic majesty of doom but with
the anger and power of sludge - stop reading and get downloading.

Highly fucking recommended!

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