Monday, 17 June 2013

Voodoo Mule - Voodoo Zoo

I know that you all think that my musical wisdom is the absolute
truth and that my posts reveal the hidden knowledge that will bring
you bliss-like listening pleasure - most of the time, this is true.
But I found this on the wonderful Stoner HiVe so full credit
goes to JK/Bubba and their crew of stonerheads!

Voodoo Mule play heavy distorted stoner which has the thick
fuzz abandon that I crave - this also has the effect of bringing
the bottom deep end into doomy type song passages.

These guys come from Slovenia and while I cannot profess to
have much music from that country or know if there is much
following for this genre, their genuine joy of making a noise
come across in these recordings. You are going to hear better
production jobs but when Voodoo Mule fire up the amps
and start making a glorious noise, who really gives a fuck?

The tracks and riffs just keep coming - if you want some dirty
stoner rock'n'roll to bang your head along with, give these
guys a listen - recommended.

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