Thursday, 6 June 2013

King Bong - Sea Shanties

Band request from Milan, Italy.

King Bong play instrumental, improvised jams with no overdubs 
and the results are a soothing mix of psych guitar washing over
clever and thoughtful rhythms set out by the rest of the band. 

The dynamics are key here - not relying on volume or
aggression to get the music across mean that King Bong pull out
an abundance of space rock that changes to swirling passages of
blissed out soloing over sun-driven songs that just beg to be heard
with a beer in hand and a comfy sofa to crash out in.

Softer tunes morph into heavier themes but the emphasis is always
on an effortless groove that never feels forced or studied. If you ever
need a break from grunting frontmen who want to tear you a new one,
put this on and let the sounds take you over.

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