Monday, 15 April 2013

Regulus - The End

"Groove-laden stoner rock from the deep south... of Yorkshire!
A cocktail of grass and boozed fueled groove, influenced 
by all the usual suspects from the world of Doom, Blues, Stoner Rock 
and Psychedelia along with hints of funk and good ol' rock n roll!"

That is what they say - 
I say - Heavy, heavy stoner that has an unstoppable groove to it.
Bouncy killer riffs that just keep on making your feet stomp.
Desperate vocals that growl over the tunes with menace and passion.
Fuzzed out, distorted speaker-blown solos that rip apart the cosmos
and destroy all in its path.

This is fucking amazing - and it is name your price
at Bandcamp

Still here? Get downloading!


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