Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Goat Bong - Goat Worship & Sodomy

Goat Bong hail from Texas and like their weed strong
and dirty. The cover suggests an unhealthy obsession with
the occult but the evil here comes from man. This mainly
instrumental album plays like a soundtrack to an imaginary
early 60's film about the dangers of drug use and how the
'kids' were going feral from too much of the good stuff!

Down-tuned stoner riffs rub shoulders with doomy compositions
that are helped in no end by excellent use of vocal samples, slowed
down and distorted into slurring mantras praising narcotic abuse.

Heavily fuzzed solos are relentlessly played over riffs that are
made to get your head nodding. Now and then, keyboards come in
with a real '70's style vibe that suits perfectly.With Sabbath and Orange
Goblin influences throughout, Goat Bong have produced a collection of
tracks that should please anyone who worships the riff.

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