Monday, 15 October 2012

Guzzlemug - Nervously Counting Rosary Beads

Band request from Chicago.

Every now and then I get sent something to review that makes
my ears ring with sounds and music that seems to come from
a different dimension. Guzzlemug are such a band.

They describe themselves as avant-metal/psyche/prog. If those
words strike fear into your hearts and you do not want to delve
into uncharted musical territory, now may be the time to leave.

On the other hand, if you are brave enough to plunge into the
unknown, take a deep breath, hold my hand and let me guide
you through an electric trip!

Multi-layed vocal chants start this massive 30 minute track
before the distorted guitars start droning, morphing into Melvin
type riffage - still with the choral vocals, which lead to a lone
buried vocal - this is a prelude to some frenzied jazz drums
that are played in the Mitch Mitchell school of skin bashing
over which a throbbing bass line is accompanied by stabbed
guitar chords - soon chaos descends but always with control - 
this ebbs to some plaintive, spacey guitar notes which lead into
a meaty prog-metal workout....... this is only the first 15

Mixing math-jazz with metal and still having enough groove
to make you bang your head is rare but Guzzlemug have pulled it off. 
These guys have the technical chops to impress but never at the
expense of the music. Check out the track below and make
your own mind up!

Bio: my name is tom and i am the bassist in chicago's avant-metal/psych/prog band, guzzlemug.

we've just self-released a new recording, "nervously counting rosary beads" to 180g vinyl in an initial run of 200. this run includes hand silkscreened inner and outer art, printed by us.

for fans of king crimson, melvins, sleepytime gorilla museum etc.

bands we've shared the stage with: ruins, lightning bolt, dysrhythmia, sleepytime gorilla museum, stinking lizaveta, cheer-accident, don caballero...

this music spans a lot of aural territory and benefits from a start to finish listen.

Buy the vinyl from Bandcamp


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